At TTS, we provide you with best-practice consultancy services that will cause the desired leap you seek in your business. Our expertise have helped businesses around the world achieve unamiginable heights in their ROI.

Our consultancy services include:

Develop, Execute and Manage business process across multiple machines without writing a single code!

The uniqueness of this product and its benefits from any other kind is in its flexibilities, loaded features, and reduction of workload, maximum security, and affordability. It is a platform for the development, management, and execution of coordinated business processes across multiple systems all without writing codes and can easily be re-configured for any kind of business or IT process.

Automate 9 creates a platform for the development, management, and execution of coordinated business processes across multiple machines all without writing code. Instead of writing scripts and batch files, processes are detailed graphically as workflows using the Workflow Designer. A workflow is the framework that contains all the objects related to a particular automated process.

AutoMate BPA Server 9 is an automation platform for Windows. It is multi-tiered, meaning it logically separates high-level workflow design from the complexity of building detailed automation routines. It provides centralized control over event-driven automation routines involving one computer or the entire enterprise.

The Automate BPA Server 9 is a robust business process Automation Solution that provides an easy to use end to end solution. The technology found within BPA Server 9 overshadows other more expensive products by automating highly complex business and IT across distributed networks without the need for writing codes.


  • Improving performance and process effectiveness:Automating manual tasks speeds up the effective throughput of the application and deliver results more efficiently and effectively.
  • Reducing errors:By automating the movement of data, common errors like re-keying data entry are eliminated.
  • Making your business more responsive:Businesses can easily automate new applications and processes without significant new expenditures.
  • Making users more efficient and effective:Businesses can gain available man hours to apply to other business projects.

Ease of Use:

  • Intuitive GUI for developing automation applications.
  • Centralized management interface.

We’ll put your business on the global frontiers with our world class web development tools and experts that will make your business transcend invisibility

Web Design

Get the best web design architecture for your business whatever it is. We build rich, user-friendly designs with responsive features across various platforms.

Content creation

Employ our great content creators for your websites and general business marketing and experience the power of using the write words to promote your business and your brand.

Content administration

We are with you all the way through content creation, implementation and regular updates of your new business cases to allow you focus on the big stuff without failing to update your audience on new developments.

Email Marketing

Let’s take you into the world of digital marketing by writing, designing and coding great email marketing campaigns for you and your business. We specialize on a range email marketing campaigns that will cause a boom to your business and promises great ROI.

Web Development

We employ industry best practices to build a web solution that meets your specifications whatever they may be. We also explore open source tools and platforms to bring you the desired solution you seek for business.

We offer customized cost-effective training services that is tailored to suit your needs. We have designed our trainings to help individuals develop the skills, knowledge, and capabilities needed to succeed in carrying out their functions.  We provide extensive trainings in the following areas:

Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics course covers the key approaches to analyzing and modelling data. Key areas of the course include:

  • Data Warehousing
  • Data integration and replication
  • Data visualization

Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs) tools

This hands-on training will give insights on the use of CAATs tools to interrogate data for specific trends and exceptions.  Participants will be exposed to various CAATs tools (SQL, IDEA and ACL) that can be deployed and applied through exercises during audit engagement.