Multi Fiber Trunk

Multi Fiber Trunk


Dependent on site configuration philosophy a boxless choice might be most advantageous. A multi trunk cable either as:

  • direct connection to RRHs/BBU, or as a
  • connection to RRHs/BBU by the use of jumpers

The use of jumpers towards the RRHs provides a high flexibility and future-proofness as fiber optic trunks can stay in place should the position of RRHs be changed or new RRHs added as only the jumpers would need to be replaced or added in case redundancy in the fiber trunk has been planned with from the beginning.

The fibers in the trunk are directly feed-through a canister meaning no cuts with splicing to ensure optimum performance.


In some case it might be an advantage to deploy a distribution box as aggregation point for fibers.

In such configuration, the multifiber trunk will be taken directly to the distribution box. FO jumpers will be deployed between the distribution box and the RRHs.

Features & Benefits

  • One cable run, up to 24 pairs of fiber, for multiple RRHs
  • Factory mounted connectors, RDC and LC
  • Direct fiber feed-through in sturdy slim profile canister
  • Small bending radius and cable diameter
  • Factory tested Insertion Loss including test report
  • Small footprint with low wind load
  • High flexibility, standard jumpers
  • Easy and efficient installation